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Earlier this week, I saw Anne Williams – now Anne Williams Sweeney – formerly of WJIB 96.9FM in Boston on WGBH 44.  Anne works at the Boston-based PBS station on occasion and also does professional wedding photography these days.

I first got to know Anne from her time on the airwaves of WJIB in Boston when her show “Nightscapes(R)” was on the air in the 1990s.  For several hours each day, Anne would take us away from the stressful realities of the world with the beautiful, peaceful and relaxing new age, light jazz and movie scores that she would play from the likes of Yanni, Spencer Brewer, Jim ChappellSuzanne Ciani, Rick Kuethe, Danny Wright and Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel.  For a small amount of time, one could shrug off their worries and truly relax.  Today, my appreciation of new age music has grown to include Ann Sweeten, Miles Black, George Skaroulis, Marshall Styler, David Neuve and many many more.

Years later, WJIB had changed formats to Smooth Jazz, then Country and finally Talk Radio.

Anne eventually took Nightscapes(R) to the Internet, but with increasing royalty rates being charged disproportionately by the likes of SoundExchange/RIAA Anne, like so many webcasters, has had to make the difficult decision to stop broadcasting.  At this time, the royalties demanded by SoundExchange/RIAA well exceed the $2,000 or so dollars in revenue that Anne’s show would draw in.

If you’ve enjoyed new age radio online please do what you can to support “SaveNetRadio”.  Call your Senators and your Representative and ask them to co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act, H.R. 2060 and S. 1353. (bills with “H.R.” are in the House of Representatives, and those with “S” are in the Senate)  You can find all the information you need here.

Perhaps some day, the airwaves or internet will again deliver the beautiful music that is Nightscapes(R).  Until then we must keep the pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing and create equity in the royalty structure.

Thank You!

Anne is keeping the Nightscapes(R) website up thanks to donations from several listeners.  If you’d like to help Anne maintain the site, feel free to contact her at


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